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Hidden Causes of World War II and Shoa (Holocaust)

Western policies of the 1930s — which greatly benefited Adolf Hitler — have been called appeasement: stupid and cowardly Western bosses were trying to avoid a war by satisfying Hitler. But much evidence suggests that Western bosses shared Hitler’s ideology and goals. Might so – called ‘appeasement’ be sponsorship instead?

curso sobre totalitarismo

Understanding totalitarianism: Maurice Joly and George Orwell

Before Orwell explained totalitarianism Maurice Joly explained in the 19th century how a undemocratic bosses would make a democratic society slide into totalitarianism without the citizens noticing the change, which is arguably more important to understand. But Joly was notdoing theory. He was describing a process already underway immediately after democracy was born.

Catholic Church’s role in World War II and the Shoa

The Catholic Church has been accused of being asleep at the wheel and not doing enough, or not caring enough, about the plight of the Jews in Europe as the Nazis prepared and then carried out the Final Solution. But stronger accusations are warranted: Church propaganda prepared the ground for the Shoa. Church policy destroyed the resistance to the Nazis with Germany. And Church initiative began the killing process in Croatia, in the first death camp in Europe (before the Germans created their own).

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